What is channeling?

Channeling, or psychic reading, is the ability to communicate directly with our spiritual guides.

The guides are light beings, full of love and compassion to us.

They are souls like us, but since they are not currently in a human body- they have a broader vision than we do. They can reach the universal library and get information from all times and all dimensions.

They help us with their knowledge, wisdom, and mainly their eternal and unconditional love…

They know us, and they know the path we planned for ourselves to walk through in this life.


Each of us encounters during our life, various difficulties, fears, doubts and areas where we feel "stuck".

 Through channeling you can receive advice and guidance in all of these areas of your life – relationships, career, education, business, health, etc.


The spiritual guides often use exercises of imagination and meditation, they tell us about previous lives, they can give us messages from our departed loved ones, they teach us about the universe and how to understand and fulfill our goal in this world.


The text of the answers also has energetic power; their choice of words is precise and powerful. Every time you go back to read it, you are summoning extra help and guidance.

It can open energetic blockings and help you become more focused.


The messages help you understand who you really are, what motivates you, to focus on your goals, to choose among routes when at crossroads, to reach balance and feel loved and protected.


Spiritual guides can help us in many ways, and they do it with joy!

You only have to ask and be open to receive their help, and willing to implement the guidance you are given.

We hope you will use them through us, and benefit from this significantly.


So ask a question now, and receive an answer from one of our advisors in up to 24h to your mailbox.Anonymity and secrecy is guaranteed.


Channeling Online Team