What can i ask about?


Relationships, career, health, business,  housing, finance, past life, passed loved ones…

You can ask about any area of your life that you want to promote.

Ask about any problem you want to solve, issue that you are dealing with.

Get help in any decisions you need to make and not sure what is the best path for you to take.


Spiritual guides can help us in many ways, and they do it with joy!

You only have to ask and be open to receive their help, and willing to implement the guidance you are given.

We hope you will use them through us, and benefit from this significantly.


So ask a question now, and receive an answer from one of our advisors in up to 24h to your mailbox. Anonymity and secrecy is guaranteed.



Channeling Online Team


Here are some examples for questions people asked:

  •  Why am I alone? I want to find my soul mate.
  •  How can I earn more money and not be constantly worried about financial issues?
  •  I have a terrible relationship with my mother, what can I do about it?
  •  Should I move to a different country? Find another job?
  •  I’m not happy in my marriage, what can I do?
  •  I’m not sure which career is best for me? What should I study?
  •  What is my designation in this life?
  •  I’m considering buying a property, these are the addresses of 2 houses I saw, which one should I buy?
  •  I want to hire an employ for a position in my firm. These are the names of 4 people I interviewed. Which of them will serve my firm better?