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The guide’s purpose is to help us, and spread happiness in the world. They are more interested in talking to you about you, your problems, your challenges, and less about other people’s issues. They will give you information about others only as long as it’s relevant and helpful to the journey you need to make, and as long as it doesn’t harm the others.

Usually the guides do not want to give us information about the future, first of all because the future is changing and being formed every minute, and many things in the future are still not certain. The second reason is that knowing things that are about to come might divert us from the path we paved for ourselves.

Nevertheless in some cases they are willing to give limited information and estimations, if they think knowing will not be significant and not cause harm.

You need to remember the guides are in a dimension where there is no linear time as we experience in the human body, so they might say something will happen shortly, and actually years will go by before it does….