If we could prepare for you some kind of a magic potion, insert it into a bottle and tell you to take a few drops in the morning and in the evening, and it will be your medicine for all the pain, difficulties and challenges, we would fill this bottle with compassion.

This is the cure for you.

But not us, nor anyone else can make this medicine for you and give you the bottle.

No pharmaceutical company, not any kind of therapist.

The cure will not come because you will find a love partner, or have kids,

not if the climate changes, not if you move to another country, or take another job. Nothing from the outside world will bring the change.

Because just as you are the one that created your own difficulty, summoned the challenge, single-handedly built the walls to protect your heart,

you are the only one that  could break down the walls, dissolve the difficulty, resolve and bring relief.

You are the one who can and should produce the magic potion, insert it into a bottle and drink it twice a day.

She is a delicate human being, Fragile and hurt in many ways. Many fears and strong misperceptions of life and of herself and of this world, some of them are so ancient that they are imprinted deeply into her spirit.

(I see her as a butterfly, she is beautiful and you want to touch her but you feel her wings are so fragile you can’t really touch it without harming her, and her touch feels like the fluttering of a butterfly instead of the warmth of a female that you need).

You touched her soul in a moment where she wished for a change. The connection with the physical life is something that she misses and longs for.

But the specific combination of the both of you is generating energy in frequencies that are too high, too detached from the earthly world, and thus they can’t help her reconnect to her body, to earth, to the nature of being a woman.


There is no place for guilt. This is the experience you both needed, each of you for his own growth.

It’s not your place or role to understand what she needs right now in her life, you should focus on your own journey.

You made the right choice for this moment.

There is nothing you could do differently in order to be happy with her in harmony, you didn’t sabotage this, you were doing your best and that’s not enough to change the fundamental type of connection between you two.

(I’m asking if there is a lesson for you, something to fix or correct…)

The only lesson to take is to listen to your intuition, work more from the heart than from the brain or the mind. You sensed the problematic features of this connection, but your mind said “it can be fixed, we can work on it”. It wasn’t a mistake, it was a lesson and a step forward on the journey.

Now you want something that will flow harmoniously without an effort.

Each of you needs someone that is in a healthy relationship with their physicality, with their embodiment, in order to live in harmony.


You are on the ridge between 2 halves of your life.

This is a significant moment for you. You have the opportunity to build a happy harmonious life with a partner.

This is something your soul wants.

You are not supposed to look for her, or make an effort.


All you want to do is work on the frequency of your energy.

If you manage to tune to the exact frequency, the right opportunities will arrive naturally.

The work is to build a calm place in your awareness.

When you meditate focus on the solar plexus chakra, imagine how it vibrates golden light that spreads all over the body, fills the aura, and glows out of it to fill the whole room.

Then you focus on your heart, doing the same with green light that comes from the heart.

You are strengthening the connection between your lower chakras and your higher parts.

You want the balance between them.

Between the physical and the spiritual.

This is the key for you at this point.

You are in the middle of life and you seek the balance in the middle of your being.

During the day try to act from your middle, from your center, be aware of that when you walk, when you talk, during every activity.


We have a strong faith that you can succeed in this process, heal and find the harmony you want and deserve.

This is a difficult time for you, and you are facing challenges.

And maybe the greatest challenge for you is to learn to be independent. To understand that independence is freedom.

And yes, freedom is not always fun and rest, on the contrary…

Freedom, to be your own person, is mostly hard work, to put an effort, to deal with the challenges that life sends you and not hide from them…

To struggle.

Remember you came to this life for a reason.

You came to do, to achieve, and not to be passive.

And you also came to set an example for your children. They need you to be strong and active.

They look up to you. You are their model.

Our advice for you is first of all to do everything you can to finish the degree that you started now.

As soon as you can.

And then be active in searching for a job.

Say to yourself you are building yourself and your life now, and building a home for your children. (Not just a physical home, but rather in the sense of a family, stability, and harmony.)