We are a group of channelers from around the world, and our goal is to spread love, happiness and light as much as possible.


We wish to help people, and bring the spiritual perspective to everyday life.We want to give support and comfort through messages from our spiritual guides.We wish to make spiritual guidance accessible and affordable to all people.

The founder of the group is Yaelika.
 An experienced channeler, a clean vessel for transmitting messages and energy.

Message from Yaelika’s guides:


We are very happy for everyone that is seeking to receive help, and is willing to open windows to new depths, to dormant layers of their existence.That is ready to do the inner work, to walk the path and develop.The path isn’t always easy.

Many times it takes an effort, and requires maturity, willingness, and courage.But the fruits are wonderful!We are here to help whoever is asking,

With happiness and endless love!

We bless you all”

Please watch channels of Yaelika.



Spiritual guides can help us in many ways, and they do it with joy! You only have to ask and be open to receive their help, and willing to implement the guidance you are given.

We hope you will use them through us, and benefit from this significantly.

So ask a question now, and receive an answer from one of our advisors in up to 24h to your mailbox. Anonymity and secrecy is guaranteed.

Channeling Online Team


Expert Advisors

All of Channeling Online spiritual advisors are checked and verified.
They all have minimum of 5 years of experience, and all are messengers of light and love